And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds

in Christ Jesus


 ...a journey to restore your past in the present

Healing trauma, anxiety, and depression is more than simply the absence of negative symptoms. We are convinced that everyone who begins their healing journey is ultimately looking for PEACE.


Peace with ourselves.

Peace in our roles and relationships.

Peace that goes beyond our troubles and circumstances.

Peace with God.


We are a trauma-informed practice and believe that most, if not all, of life's current struggles with emotional or mental health can be traced back to the many traumas we have experienced throughout our lives. 

...there is hope

A trauma-informed, believer's journey

to healing your past and present...

Evidence Based practices of EMDR within a Biblical Framework

Healing your present-day struggles with anxiety and/or depression through a lens of your past, encourages you to recover, release, and restore your past AND focus on your present issues at the same time. We have developed a process that includes ideas for working through issues from both a self-help perspective, as well as with the help of a healing professional. Each step increases your awareness and understanding of how trauma is likely impacting your present situation while offering ideas for healing from both an evidence-based clinical, and, spiritually-inclusive perspective.

Begin Your Journey

We want to help you find healing in ways that work for you. Please take a few moments to look over our therapy philosophy and opportunities for finding peace.


We will be offering workshops focusing on self-administered EMDR in the coming months. These workshops will be followed by 6-week online groups to help prepare you for working through the trauma history that may surface as you begin working through your current struggles. 

We offer individual therapy in conjunction with our workshops and online groups. These individual sessions are entirely focused on an expanded EMDR protocol that includes spiritual foundations for followers of Jesus.

If you know your healing is found in releasing and restoring your past through focused trauma work, our Free Trauma Healing Videos and Workbook are designed to help you walk through your healing journey. The workbook is a step-by-step process for releasing the trauma that holds you back from the life you long for. It is highly recommended that you find a therapist trained in EMDR to help you on your journey.