What is the Senseless Peace Project?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

“So, what exactly is Senseless Peace anyway?”

It’s one of the first questions we get when we talk about our trauma-healing approach.A video in the course covers this in more detail AND talking about Senseless Peace is a great place to start right now.

Senseless Peace is grounded in both therapeutic and Christian ideas. You’ll figure out pretty quickly that the one thing we believe everyone is searching for in healing trauma…or anything else…is PEACE.

We’ll get into more detail about PEACE in future posts. For now, it’s the sense of being at rest with ourselves AND in our relationships. It is Shalom from and with God.

I’ve had the privilege of processing through trauma with hundreds of clients. When trauma survivors, most of whom have had many unsuccessful attempts in talk therapy are finally able to resolve trauma through Brainspotting and/or EMDR they are typically STUNNED.

It’s not uncommon to hear a few choice expletives and then something like, “That’s f’ing crazy (yep, even Christians, gasp) I’ve never been able to think about that…see that…remember that…without feeling overwhelmed!”

Almost miraculously, they realize they have found PEACE without any of their circumstances changing. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

This same idea is captured in Philippians 4:4-9. We’ll explore these verses in greater depth in future posts since they are the spiritual hinges our approach proverbially swings on.

In verses 6&7, we are encouraged to not be afraid of anything…btw, we’re gonna deal with the distortions and shame many Christians have about feeling fear alot on our site and in our work with clients. The ways in which the church shames the wounded can be profoundly painful and we believe this can be a barrier to healing.

Instead of being afraid, Philippians leads us to pray in four distinct ways about our fears. It is the idea of fully releasing things to God. We’ll talk a little more about what we are releasing in the course and future posts.

So, what happens when we release these fears and circumstances to God? Most of us would prefer the Jesus Superhero image where He swoops down in the midst of symphonic crescendos, waves the Holy Spirit wand over our situations, instantly makes them better, destroys our adversaries in the most painful ways imaginable, and carries us blissfully away in His arms…with a few aerial tricks and flips to boot as we zoom skyward.

AND, that’s not the way it turns out. Instead, we are promised PEACE!

Verse 7: And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (emphasis added).

When we release all to God, we are promised PEACE that guards and protects everything about us. Our situations and circumstances don’t change…we do…with God’s grace and help.


PEACE and HEALING in trauma is possible even when our histories and experiences don’t change.

The trauma remains tragic.

The sadness and grief for our losses are still real.

Our internal sense of well-being and PEACE with ourselves and others is found as God physically, mentally, and emotionally releases our trauma out of the present and places it in the distant past where it belongs.

Our deepest desire in The Senseless Peace Project is to point out paths everyone can take to move towards healing. In the midst of well-researched and established clinical practices, we invite the Holy Spirit into our processing sessions and let God do what He does.

Grace and Peace and Heaps of Blessing on You!

Finding PEACE in the midst of the storm doesn't always make sense.

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